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Development of a modular robot-supported process control for indoor applications in the construction industry (grinding and spraying).

Development of a modular and versatile control system for autonomous mobile manipulators.

Development of a method for sensitive, ML controlled handling of sensitive objects.

Improvement of environment detection of mobile robots by means of camera systems.

Implementation of road traffic regulations in navigation for intralogistics.

Development of an algorithmic prosody method to emotionalize speech synthesis for application fields in robotics, chatbots and gaming.

Development of an inline procedure for the multimodal quality assurance of weld seams of safety-critical components in the context of quality control (no reference to robotics).

Projects in the field of digital platforms and IoT.

Further project ideas in work/discussion

We are open for further ideas and requirements and wishes of users.

Regarding R&D topics we support our partners individually, depending on their strategic orientation.